Lauren Corey Consulting, LLC is independently owned and licensed in the State of Maine.



Years of experience in specialty fields are the foundation upon which expert services are provided.

tactical Implementation

We engage directly with all members of your team, from entry-level personnel to executives.

informed resource

We follow newly promulgated and proposed standards, rules, and regulatory matters to help keep your business safe.

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collaborative strategy

You know your business, and we collaborate to help strengthen your financial initiatives.


A small nonprofit, we identified some significant accounting issues [despite annual audits], in the middle of a staffing transition, for which we needed assistance.  On the strong recommendation of a trusted professional, we contacted Lauren Corey Consulting to guide us through the process of self-reporting to both the state and IRS. Lauren and her staff were extremely knowledgeable and supportive in correcting the errors -- preparing multiple refilings and an amended 990 return, providing adjustments for our P&L and Balance Sheets, and coordinating with our former auditor.  Lauren even held Q&A sessions with our leadership so that we could feel confident and competent in explaining the issues to funders and stakeholders should questions arise in the future.  During the process, the staff struck a nice balance of friendly and professional -- efficiently and cost-effectively dealing with our particular situation, while putting us at ease.  We can't recommend Lauren Corey Consulting enough!

Lauren Corey Consulting, LLC is a seasoned CPA practice located in Portland, Maine.

We work using a hands-on approach, directly responsive to your needs, and designed to be collaborative and supportive to your organization's management.  Our advice leverages your business strategies and is adaptive to regulatory and environmental changes.

With many years of experience in business and public accounting, our offerings are specialty-focused, as further described on our services page.